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Software Systems

The web pages that I have assigned, beginning at

is an entry page to a large on-line discussion on something called Extreme Programming. There are a lot of links, and if you aren't careful you can become quite disoriented. Here are the pages that you should be certain to look at, at least a little bit:

Some of these pages are quite long, because they are a converstaion, not a textbook. Be sure to read the first page or two of each of the above, though, so that you have a good feel for what they mean by "extreme" programming.

Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to read as much as you want in the web space--just not expected to read it all. This set of conversations involves many professional developers with diverse backgrounds talking about what it is we all do: build software.

A couple of other good sources can be found at ObjectMentor's XP site:

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