Session 8

TDD Exploration for the Project, Take 2

Agile Software Development

Exploratory Programming on the Project

I posted my one-page story for the project, of the sort story you were asked to write based on Jason Fried's article. We discussed some of the project requirements we learned more about yesterday, when we implemented a simple story or two about the user recording transactions in the general journal.

Then we explored the system from the other end, where it produces summary reports. We paired up, took a simple story, wrote a test, and wrote code. The story:

The user requests a balance sheet as of today.

We assumed a small set of accounts, one or two assets and one or two liabilities. Some pairs moved on to a second story:

The user requests an income statement for the current period.

Again, by writing code to solve even one test, the team learned some new things about the system to be built. For example,

Some students also began to think about how they will end up representing money. Our exploratory code thus far has gotten by with strings, but as numbers... they are not floating point numbers!

Wrap Up

Eugene Wallingford ..... ..... May 19, 2010