Session 10

Project Development

Agile Software Development

And They're Off!

Everyone paired off, checked out a copy of the project repository:

    svn checkout

... grabbed a story, and started writing a test. After two hours or so, the result was ten new revisions to the repo and a few implemented stories. They are simple stories, and future features will require modifications to the code the team produced, but this is a good start.

Another result was a few lessons learned:

We discussed one other practical issue that will likely arise. What happens we implement some feature in the future, and the result is incompatible with existing tests and other objects? An example is Account.examine, a fairly simple method at this point in time because Accounts are simple objects. What do we do to fix it: let the team that implements the offending code, resurrect the old story, or create a new story? An even bigger question is, How will we even know about the incompatibility, or the broken tests? These are good questions and lead us to study another element of agile development: continuous integration.

Wrap Up

Eugene Wallingford ..... ..... May 21, 2010