Session 12

Project Development, Day 3

Agile Software Development

Daily Stand-Up Meeting

We go around the room and report:

Everyone reported on the progress they made last time. Obstacles: Lack of documentation in code. Need for input from customer.

Several pairs noticed the lack of an on-site customer. When developers have questions, being able to get answers soon can save a lot of uncertainty and wasted work.


Everyone: pair off, check out a clean copy of the project repository:

    svn checkout

... grab a story, and write a test.

Things I noticed:

Keep in mind that each team member should be doing a couple of units of work on the system out of class every day. We can move and shift hours around for pairing, so use your time alone to to study some of the Ruby you need, or some OO design.

Wrap Up

Eugene Wallingford ..... ..... May 25, 2010