Session 20

Completing the Project

Agile Software Development

Daily Stand-Up Meeting

It is time to wrap up development. Is there any value in the team working on the project for a few minutes this morning?

    svn checkout

One story is in progress but not committed: close a specialty journal.

One story remains on the board: read the system back in from disk.

Run rake test on the repository. Pass!

Run reek on the repository. 198 smells. Not too bad, really. But there is room to improve, both from reek's suggestion and beyond.

Iteration 2 -- Retrospective

Quick review of retrospectives. Safety. Postive experiences and improvement.

The numbers:

What worked? Loosening constraints on pair programming.

How can we improve? Gang programming start.

What would you have us do if we had more time? User interface. Acceptance tests.

Retrospective on the Project

... as a whole.

What worked?

How could we improve? The team had nothing much to say.

It has been interesting watching you think about a problem I know a lot about and design a system I have design, have used, and will use. I have had new thoughts about implementation: accounts/subaccounts as composites, values as debits/credits (with artithmetic behavior and money attributes).

Our discussion ranged far and wide, including release planning, software configuration management, frameworks, functional programming, and professionals learning as many skills as they can to become as powerful and adaptable as possible.

Retrospective on the Course

In writing:

Homework. You did fine.

Grades. This is the first course I have ever taught in which not a single student asked about grades. You were all engaged in the project. You all participated well in class. We had few excursions into e-mail or Facebook on the clock.

Wrap Up

Eugene Wallingford ..... ..... June 4, 2010