Session 6

Unit Testing ... Toward a Project


Agile Software Development

On PLoP 2004

(Recognize anyone in that little banner picture?)

Short report related to the course:

I even made my recent acting debut on Friday night, in a skit on introducing new ideas into an organization. The new idea used in the skit as an illustration? Agile software development! I was an obvious choice as the Early Adopter, a cautious decision maker who is open to change.

My lines:

Evangelist: Hey, Alice, I hear that you're working on the Ventures Project and I'm wondering if the <Agile Development> idea I presented in the Brown Bag seminar might be able to help you.

Early Adopter: Yes, I attended the Brown Bag, and I admit that it does sound interesting. But I want to hear more about practical application before jumping in feet first.

Evangelist: Okay, I know you have a lot of concerns, but you sound interested enough to try it out. Try it on the Ventures project for six months and see how it goes. If you don't like it, you can go back to the development ways you are using now. I'll help you keep an eye on things and we'll evaluate how it is going along the way.

Early Adopter: [rubbing chin slowly] Hmmmm, six months. Yes, I think we can do that. [shake hands]

I added the chin rub. I just felt that's what my character would do in the situation. I'm a natural!

Revisiting Homework 1

[ Answer the following with partners, with another, with whole group. ]

Easiest part of assignment? Hardest?

On content: No complaints.

On the process:

On writing tests:

Toward a Class Project

[ I didn't say much about this in class, other than to describe the task at the highest of levels, and pointed you to the readings for next session. ]

Wrap Up

Eugene Wallingford ==== ==== September 14, 2004