Session 9

Planning the Course Project

Agile Software Development


Today, you will play the Planning Game on our course project. First, though, you'll play a bit with some of the technology that we will use to coordinate work on the project.

Opening Mini-Exercise

I have set up a wiki for the use of this class:

This wiki is powered by JWiki, a small, simple, Java-based program. If you would like to see the code, or use it to run your own wiki, you can download the code from the course resources directory.

Your tasks for this mini-exercise:

  1. Connect to the wiki, preferably in a second window.
  2. Read a bit of the, especially formatting and ethics
  3. Create a page for yourself, using YourVeryOwnName. Give a little background on yourself!

The Main Exercise

Work in groups of two or three.

  1. Follow the link on the course wiki page to ReleaseOneStories.

  2. Estimate the time in hours required to implement each story. Assume that a single pair of students from this course will write the code, and that you'll be working in Java. Remember to include time for writing tests before and some time for refactoring after.

    You may give relative estimates for a set of stories, such as "8 hours for the first story, 4 for each of the rest".

  3. Decide as a group the number hours that each person will spend writing code for this class. Give your answer as a range of size 2, for example, 1-3 hours or 18-20 hours.

    Those numbers are the "too cold" and "too hot" answers. What is just right? keep in mind that we will have relatively little outside work for this course during the release period, and that some weeks we can use our 75-minute Thursday session for project work.

After each group has estimated the stories, we will work as a group to settle on some story estimates. Then I will select stories for the first release and develop an iteration plan, in consultation with you.

What Next?

The assignment for Project Release 1 ... is here!

Wrap Up

Eugene Wallingford ==== ==== September 23, 2004