Short Paper 1

Technology and Environment in Your Discipline


Environment, Technology, and Society

Fall Semester 2003


We have now begun to consider some current topics in technology and how these technologies affect the individuals and society. The topics we have seen in class so far -- the Internet, e-commerce, and spam -- have broad effects throughout society because they involve communication and business.

But what about the disciplines in which you are preparing for careers? Surely technology affects individuals and society as a whole in how it affects what professionals in your discipline do.


Pick some issue involving the application of technology in your chosen field of study, or the field in which you plan to pursue a career after graduation. Think about how this application technology affects -- or has the potential to affect -- the lives of people in your field or who receive service from your field. Try to choose an issue that is a "current event" in you field or that is likely to have major effects on your field in the future.


Write a short paper of two to three pages telling me about this application of technology and its benefits and costs on several dimensions. Organize your paper as follows:

You may certainly write more for your paper, if you'd like to discuss more than three of dimensions or if you'd like to say something that doesn't fit into this outline. But please do keep the paper to three pages or less. Sometimes, the key to writing a good paper is knowing what not to say.

Remember, this isn't a research paper topic or a test question for which there is one right answer. The idea is for you think about the effects of technology on the world, in an area where you already have knowledge and experience.

Remember also that both content and presentation matter.


Bring to class by 1:00 PM on Tuesday, October 14, two copies of your paper. As you come in the classroom, leave both copies on the desk up front for me.

Eugene Wallingford ==== ==== October 6, 2003