Short Papers


Environment, Technology, and Society

Fall Semester 2003

Twice during the semester, I will assign a topic for a short paper. These papers will be due on October 14 and November 13, respectively. I'll assign the topic at least one week in advance of the due dates.

These papers will deal with topics from the assigned readings in The Design of Everyday Things or perhaps some current event. By and large they will call for you to think about a topic and react to it, rather than report "hard facts" from some source.

I will ask that you write an essay of two to three pages. I'll grade the papers on their form and content. So:

These papers are short, but they do make up 20% of your grade, so take them seriously. And keep in mind that they are must better than in-class exams or quizzes!

Eugene Wallingford ==== ==== November 3, 2003