Session Summaries


Environment, Technology, and Society

Fall Semester 2003

I like to post summaries of each session to the web after class. These summaries help students who miss class and would like to catch up on what they missed. In a course like capstone, in which so much of our classwork will be interactive exercises, these summaries help those of us who are present to remember just what happened and to see the session from other perspectives.

This semester, you will write summaries for three class sessions. Your written summaries serve at least two purposes:

I will announce at the beginning of each week the names of the students who are charged with writing summaries for the sessions that week. You will then have two days send me your summary by e-mail.

Your summaries should describe the topic we worked on and then capture some of the interesting points and arguments that were made during the session. Finally, you should give some of your own thoughts on the topic after you reflect on the session.

I won't assign any students to the first week or two, so you will be able to read summaries that I write for those sessions before you write your own. You can use mine as a guide, though frankly I expect that many of you can do even better -- so don't limit yourself. :-)

Eugene Wallingford ==== ==== August 25, 2003