Homework Assignment 10

A Second Round of Features

CS 2530
Intermediate Computing

Due: Saturday, December 1, at 6:00 PM


Note the unusual due date and time!

2014 continues to be interesting. Your boss and her boss love your homegrown replacement for Twitter. They heard about another homegrown app that offers a social platform similar to Twitter and Google+, but with a subscription model that offsets the need for ads and other external revenue. If nothing else, they figure that the company your launch your app as a web service and make back the costs of development.

They really don't get it. But at least the project gives you something to fun to work on and makes you the local expert in something with some caché out in industry.

Once they see your demo running, they are ready to grow the app with more features. Good software design matters after all.


Your tasks are to extend your simple messaging system with a few new features:

... and to extend your simple interface with a few new features:

Messages posted by people the user stops following are no longer added to the feed panel.

Your system is growing, but this is not a final version. You should consider it still to be a prototype, subject to changes based on feedback from users and your employer. As a result, you should continue to use the design principles and patterns you have learned to create a program that is as easy to extend and modify as possible.

Feel free to add your own style to the game -- as long as your solution provides the features outlined above. If you add too many features beyond the initial mock-up, though, be prepared that future changes in the spec may conflict with your additions. So design your program in a way that makes your additions -- and even the assigned features -- as easy to modify or replace as you can.


By the due date and time, submit a zipped file containing:

For your hardcopy, submit only your readme.txt file.

Be sure that your submission follows all homework submission requirements.

Eugene Wallingford ..... wallingf@cs.uni.edu ..... November 23, 2012