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Homework Submission Guidelines

CS 2530
Intermediate Computing

Fall Semester 2012

Forms of Submission

This document outlines the rules you should follow when submitting a homework assignment for grading. Following these rules and the course coding standards will simplify the grader's job by standardizing the form and appearance of submissions.

Any of these rules can be overridden by a particular assignment but, if the assignment doesn't say otherwise, follow each of them.

When you are asked to submit a set of files, you must submit them in two forms: electronically and hard copy.

Electronic submission

  1. Log in to the CS department's electronic submission system using your UNI username and password.
  2. Select CS 2530 and then the desired assignment.
  3. Follow the instructions given to upload the required files and, if allowed for that assignment, any optional files.

Hard copy submission

Eugene Wallingford ..... ..... September 11, 2012