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Configuring Java for JUnit 3.8.1 in the Windows

CS 2530
Intermediate Computing


Thanks to former students Randy Klug, Tim Schoenfelder, and Aaron Thompson for their assistance in preparing these instructions.

Configuring Windows for JUnit

The CLASSPATH is a system variable that tells your Java tools where to look for the classes it needs when compiling or executing a program. It is just a list of directories and .jar files separated by semi-colons (;).

In the discussion that follows, INSTALL_DIR refers to the path to the directory where you place your unzipped junit3.8.1 directory, including the drive specification. For example, if you place your junit3.8.1 in the subdirectory cs2530 on your C: drive, INSTALL_DIR would be:


Here is what students tell me:

You should now be able to run JUnit from any directory. If you want to run the tests provided with the JUnit package, then you need to either

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