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Design and Analysis
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Spring Semester 2014

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2014/04/27  ...   I had a few minutes free this morning, so I updated the session notes for Session 28 with a little more detail on dynamic programming for the knapsack problem. Study these notes if you'd like a bit more explanation than the previous notes gave. One thing left for you to do is fill in the data table using the cell formulas we we created in class. Try it out!

2014/04/16  ...   As you prepare for the exam, I have clarified the notes for a couple of sessions.

  • I expanded the section in Session 20 that solves the recurrence relation, in particular solving for i.
  • In Session 23, I improved the description of the factoring algorithm for computing the LCM and added an example.
  • I added code for the three pairwise sum algorithms we discussed in Sessions 23-24. There is a link to the code in Session 24 and included in its zip file.

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