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Spring Semester 2018

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2018/04/12  ...   I posted today's session notes and code just now, along with the reading assignment that I mentioned in class. It includes a short written assignment that is worth 10 points toward your homework grade. It is due by 4:00 PM on Monday. You can submit a text file using the online system. No hardcopy is required.

2018/04/05  ...   I have posted Session 24 and Homework 9. If you missed class today, note the opportunity for extra credit on Exam 3, which is explained in the Wrap Up section of Session 24's notes. You can pick up your graded Exam 3 from Jane in the office.

2018/03/02  ...   I just posted Homework 7. It is due next Thursday. It's a little bit different than past assignments, so be sure to ask questions early.

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