Homework Assignment 0

An Introduction to Racket

CS 3540
Programming Languages and Paradigms
Spring Semester 2023

Due: Thursday, January 19, at 12:30 PM


In Session 1, I said that we will be using Racket both as an exemplar and as our programming language of choice this semester. Your first reading assignment is to browse The Racket Guide online through the end of Section 2.2.6.

(Stop there for now, because the material gets a bit too deep beginning with Section 2.2.7. We'll get there soon enough.)

Read the assignment now, then do the following assignment.

The Assignment

  1. Write a three-sentence summary of Racket based only on what you read in those sections of the guide.

  2. Write at least one question that you have about Racket and the type of programming being done.

    For this assignment, I want you to think about the language itself. Ask a question about:
    For now, we are not especially interested in "meta" questions about its use in the world (for example, "Can we do web programming in Racket?"). Let's focus in on the language itself.




You may write your answers by hand, if you prefer. Please be neat so that I can read it!

Eugene Wallingford ..... wallingf@cs.uni.edu ..... January 17, 2023