Quiz 2 Extra Credit

Recursive Programming Techniques

CS 3540
Programming Languages and Paradigms
Spring Semester 2023

Tuesday, March 28, 2023 @ 12:30 PM

I returned Quiz 2 at the top of our interlude on Tuesday. As a group, the scores were lower than I usually see on the second quiz. For some of you, your score may not reflect accurately how well you understand the material. For others, the score may reflect your understanding, and you would like to review the material again to understand it better.

If you would like to improve your mark, you may do the following:

  1. Get a new sheet of paper or two. Write your name at the top.

  2. For each problem on which you did not score 12, write a new solution to the problem by hand. You may refer to the session notes and code on the class website while writing your answers.

  3. Submit the pages with your new solutions and your original quiz.

If you do this, you can earn back 1/3 of the points you missed. For example, if you scored 42/60, you can earn back 18/3 = 6 points -- a whole letter grade. If you scored 30/60, you can earn back 30/3 = 10 points.

Your re-write is due at the beginning of the session, 12:30 PM, on Tuesday, March 28. You may bring your re-write with you to class, submit it to me in person ahead of time, or give it to Callie in the department office, East Bartlett 019.

This is completely OPTIONAL. Whether you choose to pursue the extra credit or not, I encourage you to understand the material on the quiz. We will use these concepts and techniques throughout the semester.

Eugene Wallingford ..... wallingf@cs.uni.edu ..... March 21, 2023