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Racket and Scheme References

I maintain a course Frequently Asked Questions List for questions about Racket, Scheme, and the tools we use.

The Racket team has produced a lot of great documentation. In addition to The Racket Guide, which is one of our course texts, you may find some other items helpful:

Racket is a fork of the smaller language, Scheme, which retains its basic mindset. In addition to The Little Schemer, there are a number of wonderful books about Scheme available on-line for free:

Racket and Scheme Interpreters

Dr. Racket is the standard IDE for the Racket language. It is all you need for working with Racket, and I encourage you to use it for your studying and your programming assignments this semester. It comes not only with a graphical IDE but also a suite of command-line tools.

Dr. Racket is installed on the machines in the CS labs (335 ITTC, 112 WRT, and 339 WRT). You can download it for your own computers. It runs on all major platforms and is a snap to install. You will be surprised what all Dr. Racket offers!

Here are some free Scheme interpreters:

I maintain a page of helpful hints for using Dr. Racket. Send me any questions or suggestions you have.


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