A Scanner for Flair

CS 4550
Translation of Programming Languages

Stage 1 of the Flair compiler project

OUT: Friday, August 31
DUE: Friday, September 14

STATUS CHECK DUE: Friday, September 7

A Lexical Analyzer

This stage consists of one component of your Flair compiler and three auxiliary programs.


Status check
Submit (a) a list of token types and (2) a list of positive and negative examples of each. When creating your examples, pay attention to the edge cases. For example, the value of 232-1 is a legal integer token, but the value of 232 is not. Email your lists to the instructor by 5:00 PM on the due date.

Final deliverable
By 5:00 PM on the due date, submit your project directory as follows: Make your electronic submission using the on-line submission system.

Submit only one copy of each assignment per team, both electronically and on paper. The team captain or a designated team member can be responsible for the submission.

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