A Semantic Checker for Klein

CS 4550
Translation of Programming Languages

Stage 4 of the Klein compiler project

OUT: Friday, October 13
DUE: Friday, October 27

STATUS CHECK DUE: Friday, October 20

A Semantic Analyzer

This stage consists of the third component of your Klein compiler, and three auxiliary programs.


Status check
You will need to create concrete examples to test each element of your semantic analyzer early on. Create the semantic-errors.kln program as a part of this planning. Email your program to the instructor by 5:00 PM on the due date.

Final deliverable
By 5:00 PM on the due date, submit your project directory as follows: Make your electronic submission using the on-line submission system.

As before, submit only one copy of each assignment per team, both electronically and on paper. The team captain or a designated team member can be responsible for the submission.

Miscellaneous Notes

Here are some thoughts on implementing the two components of your semantic analyzer.

You may choose to implement a single module to verify the program's correctness and produce the symbol table, or you may choose to implement separate modules for the two tasks. This design decision may affect the top-level structure of the compiler you produce at the end of the semester, as well as the structure of other programs that use the semantic analyzer and symbol table. Either approach will work fine.

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