A Code Generator for Klein

CS 4550
Translation of Programming Languages

Stage 6 of the Klein compiler project

OUT: Friday, November 10
DUE: Friday, December 1

STATUS CHECK DUE: Friday, November 17

A Code Generator

This stage consists of a complete implementation of the fourth component of your Klein compiler and two auxiliary programs.


Status check
In order to stay on track, you will want to be adding new Klein features to the code generator regularly. Identify or create two Klein programs beyond print-one.kln that your code generator now handles correctly. Email your status check to the instructor by 5:00 PM on the due date.

Final deliverable
By 5:00 PM on the due date, submit your project directory as follows: Make your electronic submission using the on-line submission system.

Make sure that your project directory satisfies the course requirements and that your README clearly identifies any unimplemented behavior and any known bugs in your compiler.

As before, submit only one copy of each assignment per team, both electronically and on paper. The team captain or a designated team member can be responsible for the submission.

Miscellaneous Notes

Eugene Wallingford ..... wallingf@cs.uni.edu ..... November 10, 2017