Textbook List -- Fall 2018

CS 1000 Computing Skills and Concepts

CS 1150 Programming Environments for Elementary Education

CS 1160 C/C++ Programming

CS 1410 Computer Organization

CS 1510 Introduction to Computing

CS 1520 Data Structures

CS 1800 Discrete Structures

CS 2420 Computer Architecture

CS 2530 Intermediate Computing -- both sections

CS 3120 User Interface Design

CS 3140 Database Systems

CS 3470 Networking

CS 3530 Design and Analysis of Algorithms

CS 3610 Artificial Intelligence

CS 3730 Project Management

CS 4400 System Administration

CS 4550 Translation of Programming Languages

CS 4740 Real-Time Embedded Systems


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Mark Fienup

As a discipline, computer science is relatively young and characterized by rapid technological advances. This dynamism is reflected in the interests of Mark Fienup, associate professor of computer science: Parallel computing, routing and computer networks, and computer science education are all greatly affected by the changing nature of computer science.... [more]

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