Basic Information

This course serves as a projects course in the Computer Science Systems emphasis. After taking this class, students should understand general computer and network security terms and tools to perform offensive and defensive security. Students will have hands-on experience with small and large projects with use of current tools. Fianlly, students will work in a small group to secure (harden) a small network of servers with realistic/real services.

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Date Materials/Quizzes Activities Assignments/Deliverables Due
Start Reading: C5-1 material Setup (sign code of conduct, go over syllabus, form teams, answer questions)
Start work in teams
1/19   Assign offensive tool for presentation Discuss Technical Presentations Example and Rubric
Work Day
Project 1 assigned
1/22 Discuss SANS newsbites  Work Day
1/24    Work Day 
1/26 No class Watch password cracking video
1/29 Project 1 presentation Day (2 teams) and Password Cracking
   Project 1 presentation Day (2 teams) Questions about C5-1 and upcoming quiz Project 1 Documentation due 11:59pm
Take Quiz 1 
Start Reading: C5-2 Materials
Optional Reading: LBH Chapters 1-2
Discuss C5-1 Materials
Quiz Day over project 1 topics and SANS newsbites
2/5 Discuss SANS Newsbites Project 2 Setup/Work Day Project 2 assigned
2/7 Project 2 Work Day  
2/9 Project 2 Work Day  
2/12 Discuss SANS Newsbites Project 2 Work Day
2/14   Project 2 Work Day
2/16 Finish Project 2 Project 2 Documentation due (2/19 at 11:59pm)
2/19 Start Reading:C5-3 Materials
Optional Reading: LBH Chapters 3-4
Introduce Project 3 Project 3 Specification
CTF 4 Documentation
CTF 5 Documentation
2/21 Discuss C5-2 Materials
Project 3 Work Day
2/23 Take Quiz 2 Take Quiz 2 over C5-2 Materials and SANS Newsbites
Project 3 Work Day
2/26 Discuss SANS newsbites Project 3 Work Day
2/28 Project 3 Work Day Project 3 Documentation Due 3/1
3/1 Introduce Project 4 Project 4 Specification
3/4 Discuss SANS newsbites Project 4 Work Day
3/6   Project 4 Work Day
3/8 Project 4 Due Project 4 Due
Spring Break
3/18 Discuss SANS Newsbites Project 5 Specification
3/20 No class Project 5 Work Day
3/22 No class Project 5 Work Day
3/25 Quiz 3 Discuss C5-3 Materials
Answer Questions
Take Quiz
3/27 Project 5 Presentations (2 teams)
3/29   Project 5 Presentations (2 teams) Project 5 presentation and documentation due
4/1 Start Reading: C5-4 materials
Optional Reading: LBH Chapters 5,6,11
Final Project Introduction
Video: Intro to pfSense
Video: Moving Kali into the LAN to configure pfSense
  • Note: You should use some updated DNS IP addresses instead of the addresses in the video: and
Video: updating php and using mysqli library
  • Note: You are actually updating to the latest php version of 8.1, not the version referenced in the video. The process is mostly the same.
Video: checking your logs on CTF9
Hints - What things should I fix?
Final Project Specification
4/3 Discuss SANS Newsbites  Final Project Workday
4/5   Final Project Workday Final Project Phase 1 Due
4/8  Final Project Workday  
4/10 Discuss SANS Newsbites Final Project Workday  
4/12   Final Project Workday
4/15 Discuss C5-4 Materials
Final Project Workday

4/17 Take Quiz 4 Final Project Workday
Take Quiz 4
 Final Project Midway Point Phase 2 Due
4/19 Start Reading: C5-5 materials Final Project Workday  
4/22   Discuss SANS Newsbites Final Project Workday  
4/24   Final Project Workday  
4/26 No Class No Class
4/29   Final Presentations (2 groups)
5/1 Final Presentations (2 groups) Final Project Phase 3 Due
Group peer assessments due (5/5)
Peer assessments due (5/5)
5/3   Red Team / Blue Team
Participate in class for 5% of class grade
5/6 Monday, 5/6, 3-4:50pm
Quiz 5 (20 minutes)