A.2 Simple and Compound Statements

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The following table lists the kinds of executable statements in Ada, in two categories. Simple statements require only a single line of code. Compound statements include multiple lines of code. Examples of all of the kinds listed are found in Chapter 3, except those marked "(Ch6)" -- which are illustrated in Chapter 6, Concurrency and Synchronization.

Simple Statements

Compound Statements

Assignment Statement
Procedure Call
exit Statement
raise Statement
return Statement
null Statement
delay Statement
goto Statement
Code Statement
Entry Call (Ch6)
abort Statement (Ch6)
terminate Alternative (Ch6)
Protected Entry Call (Ch6)
requeue Statement (Ch6)
if Statement
case Statement
loop Statement
Block Statement
accept Statement (Ch6)
select Statement (Ch6)

The items listed above are also hyperlinks to appropriate pages in Chapters 3 or 6.

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