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Activity : Twelve Blocks

Ninja Instructions | Mentor Notes


While completing this activity students will:

  • create a project with the constraint of using only 12 blocks

This causes students to think about the fact that even 12 simple commands can generate a lot of cool outcomes.

Things to watch for

  • Encourage creativity.
  • Encourage collaboration and “show and tell” moments. Be willing to ask all or part of the group to come over and see something cool that one person is doing.
  • If this were a classroom I would plan a show and tell timeframe to demonstrate that there can still be a lot of diversity from only those 12 blocks. In a dojo that is a little harder to do but it can still be accomplished by encouraging students to explore the studio as it builds up.

What to look for when reviewing their work

  • Did they use EACH of the 12 blocks at least once? (They are supposed to use each one.)
  • Did they use any blocks beyond the 12? (They aren't supposed to.)

Ways to extend this activity

  • Encourage a pair of students to review each others projects in the studio and each one consider HOW the other person made their program do what it does.
  • While the idea of remix hasn't been taught formally yet, we might consider ways that students could take someone elses work and modify it.
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