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Activity : Initials

Ninja Instructions | Mentor Notes


The goals of this activity include:

  • exploring coordinate based (absolute) movement in Scratch
  • creating an image using pen-based, logo-like movement

Things to watch for

  • This activity is somewhat mathematical and requires an understanding of general coordinate systems.
  • The Scratch stage has x values from -240 to +240 and y values from -180 to +180. These values can NOT be changed.

What to look for when reviewing their work

  • Did they, in fact, use the coordinate system (while the coordinates are somewhat hard to use, doing this with relative movement is even more complex).
  • Do their coordinates make sense?
    • Are they using the screen well.
    • Are vertical/horizontal lines used when appropriate (we don't want to force them to “color in the lines”, but we might encourage them to make shapes that are “clean”
  • If their actual letters have “curves” in them have they made an attempt to make a curve? (Not a requirement, but we should encourage stronger students to do so).
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