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Mastery Activity 2b : Scene It

Ninja Instructions | Mentor Notes


The last mastery activity asked you to focus on a nursery rhyme. In this activity you can follow the exact same set of guidelines, but you can animate a scene from your favorite TV show or movie. Or if you prefer, a scene from your favorite book. It's all about the power of using Scratch to allow you to be creative! To get some ideas you can check out:


60-90 minutes


Create a brand new story (not a remix this time) that:

  • Uses at least three different sprites where at least one of those sprites is someting you found on the Internet (not a pre-loaded image from Scratch)
  • Use blocks from a minimu of five of the six sub-menus:


<li>Sequence several "actions" to "show" a scene from a book, TV show, movie, etc. when the green flag is pressed.</li>
<li>We strongly encourage you to use at least three of the following:
    * Recording your own sounds
    * The use of multiple costumes/backdrops
    * Incorporate something unique to you, your school, etc. (why not use a picture of you in your story?)
    * Use broadcast messages to synchronize your story


Things to think about when you are done

  • What are you most proud of in this program? Why?
  • What did you get stuck on? How did you get unstuck?
  • What might you want to add to this next?

Sharing your project in the studio


This project is based on materials from Dr. Ben Schafer at the University of Northern Iowa.

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