Computational Modeling and Simulation - Fall 2009

810:025 Final - 1-2:50 p.m. Wednesday, December 16

VIP: Final Exam Study Guide and sample questions.

  1. Blizzard Wednesday: Spring 2010 810:025:01 - 11-12:15 Tue Thu class outline for Spring 2010 11 TTh section.

  2. NetLogo wiggle, wiggle in place, dancing ideas: NetLogo code - Odd and Even - Choreography ideas and techniques. Wiggle is used in the TERMITES NetLogo model, which is part of the Biology group.

    Java Applet: See the dancing in your web browser (and download the wiggleDancingChoreography.nlogo file, if you wish).

  3. NetLogo pretty pattern: An Octet of J's in honor of UNI men's basketball team - its a Panther state (well, there are still two games with Drake).

  4. Blizzard Tuesday: Email note about final project options and choices.

  5. --- Final Project options and due date, etc.

    1. Modeling a Flock of Geese or a herd of grazing or migrating Wildebeest or a school of fish.
      CHOICE #1.

    2. Predator and Prey as agents: Lynx and Hare NetLogo modeling tutorial.
      CHOICE #2.

    3. Your own project idea is still okay too. I can add some more questions and specifications to the FLOCKING choice above here, but will wait to hear if anyone wants to pursue that or not.
      CHOICE #3.

  6. Using a NetLogo Cone to model Vision so that turtles or lynx or a flock of geese SEE only with the eyes in the front of their head. The NetLogo In-Cone primitive colorfully demonstrated.

    The PDF of the Seeing Cone handout.

  7. --- Project ideas and links - final project for 025. --- CHOICE #4.

November 12th - 7:20 PM - Squares making circles while square dancing using netLOGO.

  1. Try this out - NetLOGO Sounds and Sights show with Square Dancing Turtles and many musical instruments.
       set theInstruments [ "Sitar" "Trombone" "Trumpet" "Harmonica" 
                            "Tubular Bells" "Honky-tonk Piano" 
                            "Marimba" "Flute" }
  2. NetLogo Assignment: The NetLOGOassignment.pdf was handed out on Tuesday, November 17th. This PDF file includes some extra information the original handout did NOT contain.

  3. Music: email025Nov17th - Tuesday - Oh Susanna group exercise followup. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star homework resource and example.

  4. NetLogo music Example: Happy Birthday song with NetLogo, including procedure with parameters and using a double list to specify the note and the note's duration.

  5. The Happy Birthday NetLogo music example with circle examples (circle and circle2).

Making Music with NetLogo: MusicLOGO.txt is the code. Paste this code into the Procdures section of a new NelLogo model and try out the various procedures. Or you can RMB (Right Mouse Button) click on the nlogo file and download and save it to your computer and then open it up with NetLogo's File menu, Open command. - MusicNov9th.nlogo is the entire NetLogo application.

extensions [sound]

;; play a C-major scale on a xylophone - 60 = C and 60 + 12 = 72 = C

to playCmajor
   foreach [60 62 64 65 67 69 71 72 71 69 67 65 64 62 60] [ 
      sound:start-note "XYLOPHONE" ? 65
      wait 0.2
      sound:stop-note "XYLOPHONE" ?

Project ideas and links - final project for 025.
The next two Thursdays we will be in StudioIT labs on 2nd floor
                             instead of our 4th floor classroom.

Thursday 10/29 room 136 StudioIT 2 - tomorrow's class
Thursday 11/05 room 134 StudioIT 1 - next week's Thursday class

New links on Monday, Nov 02 at 11:45 a.m. - Excel Monte Carlo Simulation assignment - finding the area between two functions.

Assignment due on October 20th (Tuesday) - What the Dilantin graph output should look somewhat like.
Note: Send your Vensim model file as an attachment to email address. Bring a hard copy printout of your Vensim Graph to turn in during class.

EXPONENTIAL GROWTH exercise with the number of sheets of paper doubling at every step for 50 steps.

VIP: VENSIM Assignment ONE - extended due data and helpful discussion.

PDF of the handout for the VENSIM assignment with updated due date and live URL links.

New as of 12:55 p.m. Friday 09/18/09!

        VIP: vensimAssign01.html file is FINALLY READY, only 8 days after advertised on your handout!

New as of 12:55 p.m. Friday 09/18/09!

  1. unconstrained.mdl Vensim file.

  2. Rabbits, Grass and Weeds NetLOGO model - Run Rabbits Grass Weeds in your web browser. You have a handout of this from class #1.
  3. Muscle Development NetLOGO model. Catabolic and Anabolic hormones. Slow twitch and fast twitch muscle fibers.

  4. Model of a Cocktail Party using NetLOGO.
  5. Other NetLOGO Models that are available to experiment with in your web browser.
  6. Modeling and Simulation: Capturing key relationships and conducting simulation experiments - complex problems such as climate change, flu pandemics and economic boom and bust in the real-estate or finance or auto sectors and modeling as a way to build better understanding and more effective policies and approaches.

    HOMEWORK due during class #5 at 2 p.m. Tuesday September 8th: READING and WRITING ASSIGNMENT (9 paragraphs, 2 pages). WE ARE IN STUDIO_IT_2 (ITT 136) again on Tuesday!

  7. Andrew Ford - Modeling the Environment - 2nd edition chapters as they are being revised. Read the Preface (7 page PDF) and read Chapter 1 (Introduction - 14 page PDF).

  8. Thursday, September 3rd StudioIT 2 lab - Vensim, NetLOGO and Excel.

  9. Forest Fire exercise - we'll use #1 and #6 on September 15th.

Forest Fire experiment from Shodor resources.

Simple Plot for the Forest Fire data experiment.