CS 1010 - Fall 2014
Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration

Excel VBA portion of final exam study guide: Visual Basic for Applications and Excel macros.

  1. Excel VBA portion of final exam study guide: Visual Basic for Applications and Excel macros.
    More later - Scratch and/or Maya option and hands-on portion.

  2. Look for When I Procrastinate, I write code...

  3. Light It Up - Key light, Fill light, Rim light (KFR)

    Three-Point lighting for 3D Renderings by Jeremy Birn.

    Playing chess with a PAWN. Great lighting tutorial.

  4. Building a Platform Game - A Beginner's Guide - much easier tutorial on Platform Game. Sprites and Background provided. Due and to be demonstrated in class on Tuesday 11/18.

  5. How to make a PLATFORM GAME using Construct 2.
    Due date; Tuesday, November 18th - graded in class on 11/18/Tuesday or on 11/20/2014 Thursday.

  6. Download CONSTRUCT 2 GAME programming software package.

  7. Create a CONSTRUCT Game: Construct Beginner's Ghost Shooter Game tutorial. Explosions, Bullets, Player and Monsters.
    Tuesday Oct 21, 2014 class...

    Finish the CONSTRUCT GAME. It will be graded in class on Tuesday, Oct 28th.

  8. VIP: Audacity Assignment due on Tuesday, October 21st in class at 12:30 pm. No quiz.

    About A U D A C I T Y Lynda tutorial.

  9. Group presentations on Tuesday Oct 14th: See the GroupPresentations.PDF, if you missed class on 10/09/Thursday.

    Air Raid, Space Rocks, Paddle Ball and Sliding Puzzle games.

  10. Flash and AS 3.0 Racing Circles from Tuesday, October 7th class. See the code in the FlashCirclesRaceCode.PDF file.

  11. Flash ActionScript 3.0: Creating a Ping Pong Game on http://lynda.uni.edu. 50 minutes 25 seconds long.

  12. Audacity audio software: Up and Running with Audacity by Garrick Chow. It is a lynda.uni.edu video tutorial, 1 hour 46 minutes long.

  13. Scratch - Ping Pong Game tutorial: 12 minutes 16 seconds long. Two player PONG.

    VIP: Two Player Pong will be due on Thursday, Octoberber 2nd.

    VIP: Notes/Transcript of Two Player Pong video. Ten pages of notes. First two pages used a bad felt tipped pen and scan in a bit fuzzy. Last 8 pages are much better scanned result.

    VIP: Two player pong Scratch scripts for the ball and the paddles.

  14. Game Programming University: Flash Games - GPU example files.

  15. Study the Creating a Shooter Game chapter of video training. It is 37 minutes and 16 seconds long.

    Login to lynda.uni.edu to watch the videos from ActionScript 3.0 Projects: Game Development with Todd Perkins as the teacher.

  16. Scratch for creating stories, games and animations: Scratch.MIT.edu...

  17. Assignment: Scratch and Game Programming, 9 questions and one PDF. Due on Tuesday, September 2nd.

  18. Ghostbusters 30th anniversary today (09/28/2014):
    Ray: Two in the box.
    Egon: Ready to go.
    Peter Venkman: We be fast.
    Ray, Egon, Peter Venkman: And they be slow.
    Scratch: video showing the four scenes of the movie script. The Scratch application lasts for 8 seconds, 2 seconds for each phrase.

  19. Assignment: An individual joke or story in Scratch with at least two different sprites will be due on Thursday September 4th.

    Watch the following 3 minute 20 second video tutorial.

    3 minutes 20 second video .

    You can save the assignment to your Scratch account at www.MIT.edu and leave it there, but you can also download it to a flash drive.

    An example of the individual joke, story, movie script or song lyrics: Ke$ha TIC TOC song.

  20. The Ghostbuster's screens shown in parallel via four jpegs.

  21. Excel VBA intro: 23 Birthdays Visual Basic for Applications macro - published PowerPoint will require Internet Explorer to look at the slides.