CS 1025 Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration

Final Exam Study Guide Fall 2013 - 3-4:50 pm Thursday December 17th

  1. Excel VBA examples and test practice questions to study and do. Check your answers by using Excel. We did LI #2 in class on Tuesday 12/10/2013 for practice and review. You need to do it again several times, along with some of the others.

  2. Flash Buttons and ActionScript 3.0 concepts and code.

  3. Flash navigateToURL() and addEventListener() and the code for buttons.

  4. Old Exam, all Excel VBA questions from 09/29/2011.

  5. Flash buttons and AS 3.0 code video tutorial.

  6. The students Dreamweaver/Photoshop Game Projects and Presentations... Due by Friday at 5 pm - not before the test.
    Not on the exam. Useful for study breaks, perhaps.

  7. Flash Actionscript 3.0 Rolling a pair of dice illustrates the following:
    1. Generating random integers is AS 3.0 is the same as 
       generating random integers in Excel or in VBA.
       Only the syntax is different:
                                     Math.floor()   instead of   INT()
                                     Math.random()  instead of   Rnd or RAND()
    2. addEventListener - note E and L are UpPeR CASE
          E    L
       buttons are listening typically for what event?
       What are the two arguments that go inside the addEventListener()?
                    buttonName.addEventListener(arg1, arg2);
    3. Timer objects.  500 milliseconds = 1/2 second.
    4. keepRolling_btn hears a MouseEvent.CLICK, what does it do?
       It either stops the rolling dice twice per second, or else
       it starts the rolling of the dice twice per second.
       How does it do that?  What is tmr?   
       What is the tmr.running?  It is a property of the Timer object named tmr.
       That property, tmr.running is either TRUE or FALSE.
       tmr.stop() and tmr.start() are commands you can give to a Timer object, 
                                  specifically to the Timer object named tmr.
    5. Why doesn't function rollEm() have anything between the ()s?
       There is no evt:MouseEvent between the ()s!  Why?

I have not received very many of the Flash Game project URLs yet, so will be going through the book and figuring out from the book and from the student pages that I have received some of the Actionscript 3.0 code to add to this study guide. We have covered quite a chunk of it in class.