CS 1010 01 - Week #12 (Nov 06 - Nov 08)

Tuesday, November 6th

  1. Flash Intros and navigateToURL - skip intro or at the end of the intro.

    The Flash Intros assignment will be due on Thursday, November 8th. You will receive your sunny.uni.edu accounts on Tuesday, November 6th (if you did NOT have one already). Note: if you had a sunny account, the password was changed over the summer due to a security breach. Go to the CCC (Computer Consulting Center) to get it reset).

  2. What are the sunny.uni.edu UNIX commands you should know?
    ls        ls -l      mkdir      cd       chmod 644       chmod 755
    bc        bc -l      w          who      finger
  3. Monte Carlo concepts and skills using Excel: Estimating the Area between two functions using Excel. Throwing darts.

Thursday, November 8th