Class #6 - Friday, September 4th, 2009 - 810:022 MASI

  1. Here is some information on the &lt; and &gt; and &nbsp; characters that sometimes are needed. You might get them accidentally when you want < instead of &lt; and you want > instead of &gt; but it is not going to happen that I know of where you get &nbsp; when you just wanted a space!

    URLs     and     are the two locations I did NOT easily find about this HW #1 issue for your job interview question.

    And what if you wanted the © or the ® symbols to show up on your web page?

  2. The entire class was spent on Microsoft Excel Birthday macro and developing the macro so that it was executed with a BUTTON and updated the counts in cells F2 and G2 so we would see how many groups of 23 people had at least one pair of persons with the same birthday.

    The updateCounts() Subprogram SUB was as follows.

    Sub updateCounts()
    	   hadRepeat = False
        For r = 3 to 24 
        	   If Cells(r, 2).Value = "Repeat" Then
            	   hadRepeat = True
            End If
        Next r
        If hadRepeat = True Then
        	   Range("F2").Value = Range("F2").Value + 1
        End If
        Range("G2").Value = Range("G2").Value + 1
    End Sub

    See and study the following web page to review the Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) Birthday macro basics. The VBA code is EXACTLY THE SAME for Excel 2007 VBA and Excel 97 (1997) and Excel 2003 VBA. You need to use Internet Explorer web browser to see the slide show on the Birthday macro. The 23 birthdays problem as an introduction to Microsoft Excel VBA macros is a link from that page..

  3. Here is a link to ClipNabber so we can nab a video clip from YouTube and save it as FLV FLash Video and then try out the FLVPlayback component and our account. WE DID NOT GET TIME TO DO ANY CLIPNABBER or FLASH today. Just Excel VBA macros and the birthday problem.