Maya NURBS: Revolve a Curve to create a surface. Sculpting Tool to create an egghead

Dynamics menu set: Active and Passive Hard Bodies; Fields (Gravity and Wind)

  1. Introduction: Gravity and Collisions - Tutorial on the Dynamics menu set that uses the Gravity and Wind Fields on Active Hard Bodies (Spheres) and Passive Hard Bodies (Planes). Michael O'Rourke tutorial.
  2.    User id:  mayatuts
      Password:  morourke
  3. We learned more about CVs, which are Control Vertices, make up NURBS curves. We revolved a NURBS curve to make a NURBS surface, such as a piece of pottery or a wine glass.
  4. The Sculpting of Faces tool. Information from Spring 2009 class.
  5. Sculpt faces examples from students homework during Spring 2009.