File Browser for Graphics files
Due date: Friday 09/20/2002


Monday, September 16th, class #9 we went over the Drive, Directory, and File List Box controls. The Image control was also used and is explained in chapter 3 of our textbook. It has an explanation of the Image control's Stretch property there too. See the following four links:
  1. See the running file browser application. We did this on Tuesday, June 18th, in the 3rd hands-on class.

  2. What is due for Laundry Sorter program? SIX VB STATEMENTS, i.e. 5 to 7 or 8 statements are needed inside the different Event procedures. The most any of the Private Subs have is 2 statements!

  3. See the user interface (Design Time)

  4. See the Visual Basic code and event procedures

  5. The STRETCH property works very nicely for this File Browser program. Every Image control has a STRETCH property. It should be set to TRUE to make the image automatically shrink or stretch to fit the size of your Image control.

  6. This is NOT required: Additional animation of Graphics File code that illustrates STATIC variables, changing the command button caption at RUN time, Global variables, etc.

Here is an old VB quiz to use as a PRACTICE QUIZ. You should take this quiz closed book to get the best idea of what you remember and what you need to work on. QUIZ #1 ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 23rd instead of Friday, September 20th.

Due date: Friday 09/20/2002