810:088 Topics in Computing:
Dynamic Web Sites with PERL/CGI and Java Servlets

Last 088 PERL assignment is now available, and the specifications are completed. See the example output and GUI interface. The GUI interface can be done using a .html file, or by using a .cgi file to generate the checkboxes and the textbox and the two radio buttons, and the submit and reset buttons. Either way is okay.
Check out class #3 example onLoad event handler followup example.

Class lecture reviews, tests and assignments.

Student's assignment two quiz pages. There are fifteen of them. 120 questions total (8 questions per student).

Note: Java Servlets will be covered with handouts and supplementary material during the last two weeks of the class this summer. Having one previous programming class OR having experience with HTML is enough of a background to take this class. Send email to jacobson@uni.edu or jacobson@cns.uni.edu if you have questions about this class and want to get the instructor's permission release taken care of.
TEXTBOOK: Weaving a Website - Programming in HTML, Javascript, Perl, and Java
A comprehensive introduction to web programming, requiring no prior programming experience, this text begins with HTML and moves to progressively more complex programming languages JavaScript, Perl, and Java. It emphasizes a hands-on approach, and contains clear instructions for carefully chosen visual examples from a wide variety of topics that will appeal to most students encouraging them to find ways to capture their interests in creative web pages.
                        Table of Contents 
  I. HTML. 

  1. Introduction to HTML 
  2. Fonts, Colors, and Character Entities. 
  3. Lists. 
  4. Tables. 
  5. Links and Images. 
  6. Frames and Images. 
  7. Cascading Style Sheets. 


  8. Introduction to JavaScript. 
  9. Arithmetic Statements. 
 10. Selection Statements. 
 11. Iteration Statements. 
 12. Functions and Objects. 
 13. Arrays. 
 14. Forms and Form Elements. 
 15. String, RegExp, and Date Objects. 

 16. Introduction to Perl: Web Basics and Scalars. 
 17. Arrays, References, Hashes, and Iteration. 
 18. URLencoding, Patterns, Text Fields, and Selection Statements. 
 19. Subroutines, Text Areas, Radio Buttons, CheckBoxes, and Select Lists. 
 20. Multiple Field, Forms, E-mail, Files, and CGI.pm. 


 21. Introduction to Java: Applets, Primitive Data Types, Text Fields and Areas. 
 22. Selection and Iteration Statements, Buttons and Arrays. 
 23. Layouts. 
 24. Colors and Fonts. 
 25. AWT Form Elements. 
 26. Mouse Events and Graphics. 
 27. Swing Basics. 
 28. Swing Form Elements. 


Appendix A: HTML Character Entities. 
Appendix B: JavaScript Operator Precedence Hierarchy. 
Appendix C: Perl Operator Precedence Hierarchy. 
Appendix D: Java Operator Precedence Hierarchy. 
Appendix E: The Java Character and String Classes. 
Appendix F: List of Figures. 
Appendix G: List of Programs.