Visual Basic .NET (Spring 2005)

I cannot find any problem with the CONCATENATE, as evidenced by this short test program.

Do NOT forget to .SPLIT() bucket string based on the commas and the semicolons. The length of a string is IRRELEVANT. After you .Split(semicolon) or .Split(comma), you have all the separated strings, and can deal appropriately with the Add, Change and Delete transactions to the random access master file with its 11 buckets, i.e. 11 RANDOMLY accessible records.

More about the LAST assignment, with lots of prose about those Add, Change and Delete transactions.

Due: TUESDAY, Feb 22nd.

Regarding the LAST ASSIGNMENT and what to turn in (three items in an envelope). Due: TUESDAY, Feb 22nd.

Final Exam and Final Assignment email note, especially regarding Wednesday Feb 9th handouts needed to prepare for Friday, Feb 11th Exam.

Further clarifications on the relative files buckets and creating the RANDOM FILE 11 buckets.

Take home quiz due Monday - page 437 of the textbook. Problems 1 through 11. These are the first 11 of the Additional Exercises. Found in your textbook on page 437.

Just turn in a printout of your Visual Basic code for the assignment this time. You can include a screen snapshot, if you wish, but that is not required. I will have you write an extension to this project that prints out the records and calculates the performance for your random access file for the last programming assignment.

What does the Random Access File with 11 Buckets look like? Good question. (Thursday evening 2/3).

VB.NET code that created the fixed width file illustrates many array and file techniques.

Here is the input file studentsFixedWidth.txt File with the date for creating the Random Access File of hash buckets. It has 25 records in it.

Here is another version of the input file studentsFixedWidth5.txt File with a wider range of ID numbers, and all IDs are 5 digits instead of 4 digits. Use either file is okay, or try out your program with both of them.

Question about Random Access file assignment answered here. What about those commas and semicolons and the randomly accessed eleven record file.

There will NOT be an in-class quiz on Monday, February 7th in class. The TAKE-HOME quiz is explained above and you received questions 1-11 from page 437 of the textbook as a handout, but all you need is your textbook.

Neko Cat racing and the ImageList control. This will be the basis of your first programming assignment.

Neko Nine Images for download via right click.

Programming Assignment One is Neko cat lap running program. It will be due on Wednesday, January 26th. It will have at least the following controls:

   A command button to start the running of the laps:
   A vertical or a horizontal scroll bar to specify the number of laps:
   A startLine and a finishLine or leftLine and rightLine object to run
        to and from and then turn around.
   A label to indicate the current setting of the vertical or horizontal
        scroll bar.
   A Timer control that is .Enabled with a reasonable .Interval setting
        to animate the running cat as it is doing its laps.
   The Form object should have its .Text property contain your name.
        My assignment's Form1.Text value would likely be:
               "Mark Jacobson's Neko Laps Animation", for example.
   You will turn in screen snapshots of your running program.  
        The Alt+PrintScreen technique will be demonstrated in class.