Monday, February 4th, 2008 - class #9 - week #4

Nested Movie Clips and Rotating Wheels
Mask layer/Masked layer pairs
Choreography of Symbols in Animation

  1. Organizing timelines and the library: Best Practices to use as a Flash author.

  2. About nested movie clips and parent-child hierarchy: Working With Timelines is part of Creating and Managing Documents. This has a good discussion of a car with rotating wheels.

  3. Very easy example showing the Mask layer (the word ORCHESIS) and the Masked Layer animated and seen only through the mask.

    Another example using Panthers with clouds floating through the letters.

  4. Mask Layers animation starts in Frame #3. Frame #1 is the Play button and introduction. Frame #2 is the Play Again button.

  5. Mask Layers crazy advanced example showing how Motion Tweens can be customized with the Custom Ease In / Ease Out line made bumpy.

  6. Mask Layers experiments, and a yet more advanced example.

  7. Read the F1 Help documentation with your Flash for About Mask Layers, which is under Creating animation: Animation basics. Be sure to read Work with mask layers too (next page of Help, via > button or menu).

  8. Choreography of different "dancers" using Flash. March 26th, 2007 810:021 example from Computer Skills and Concepts class.

  9. Look at i. and ii. and iii. for three more examples of C H O R E O G R A P H Y with letters or circles. The Super Bowl half time show's dance and marching band choreography didn't have much on this, lol!