Assignments for Flash Games class

  1. The 3rd and F I N A L Flash project is a puzzling one, along with info about the quiz day and take home final exam.

  2. The 2nd Flash Programming Assignment was handed out on Tuesday, May 27th during class #11 session. DUE ON FRIDAY, MAY 30th.

    Note: We will work on understanding chapter five and on this 2nd Flash project again in class and in lab on Wednesday.

  3. VIP email: First Flash project, along with some Review Questions: See pages 62-63 of Beginning Game Programming With Flash textbook (BGP book). See also your handout of the Treasure Hunt game and Read Chapter 3 of BGP from class #2, although you have the Treasure Hunt code and game on your textbook's CD-ROM.

  4. The Chapter 3 example: Treasure Hunt game and its 6 keyframes, each of which has some ActionScript code.

  5. Assignment 1 example: Ghostbusters Quiz that has four questions and seven frames. It has a few extra features, like three choices for each question. The text multiple choice answers are actually Symbols of the BUTTON type, as you will see when your mouse pointer moves over or clicks the choice.

  6. Assign 1 example: Musical Instrument Sounds four question quiz.