Last Maya Assignment - due by Friday, December 19th

  1. Your project should have a set of animated curtains that draw back to reveal the objects and/or special effects that you created. I will make exceptions to the curtains requirement if your open ended animation final assignment is complicated enough without the curtains and drawing back curtains is not really a natural part of your work. Resource for everything about the curtains is at videos.
  2. CURTAINS: Previous Take-home QUIZ that was for Wednesday 12/03: Duplicating Curtains question, plus review/preview of this weeks class. Last assignment is now ready, and swaying, animated curtains you are well prepared to make be a part of it.

  3. Michael O'Rourke A Cartoon Ball Squashing is the tutorial that I meant to show the video for on Monday, December 1st.
    User ID: mayatuts
    Password: morourke

  4. Maya Dynamics: Michael O'Rourke RAIN tutorial.
    User ID: mayatuts
    Password: morourke

    See and hear Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head. See also a very cool scene involving bikes and bulls and romance.
    The song is part of the soundtrack to the movie Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid.

  5. Gravity, Collisions could be what you explore and demonstrate when the curtain pulls back.

  6. You are welcome to do something with RIGGING and Skeletons or anything you find interesting from the Michael O'Rourke tutorials. Michael O'Rourke Maya tutorials web site. User Id and Password are as shown above and as shown on your Wednesday, December 3rd handout. UserID: mayatuts Password: morourke

  7. If you wish to, you certainly can duplicate the project of the ball bouncing onto the stage, perhaps with some squash and stretch as it bounces out onto the stage after the curtains draw back. The ball comes out onto the stage and lands finally on the stool, sitting in front of the microphone. See the MAYA Fundamentals free sample videos for how to do the ball and the stool and the microphone.
    Fundamental Proj 1-1
       Overview of the Talented Ball
       Constructing the Stage and Ball
       Creating a Curtain
       Creating the Microphone
       Duplicating Curtains
       Building the Stool
    Fundamentals Proj 1-2
       Animating the Ball
       Intro to the Graph Editor (reviews 12/05 lab class)
       Working with Animation Curves (reviews Friday 12/05 lab)
       Refining Animation (reviews 12/05 StudioIT 1 lab and DD book pages)
       Squash and Stretch (making the ball squash and stretch - 12/05/Friday review)
       Making Curtains Sway 
  8. Solve a simpler problem first. Its better to start your project and get something working and then add more features to it as you go than to bite off more than you can chew all at once. Do something simple enough to succeed with, get it working. Then come up with an idea to make it more elaborate or to add some rainfall or squash and stretch to it only AFTER you have something simple working. Remember the usefulness of INCREMENTAL SAVE too, so you don't have to start completely over if you goof up something. Incremental save is explained in the book, if you need a review.