Introduction to Computing
CS 1510

Fall 2014

Professor John McCormick

Cover Art: Programming and Problem Solving with Ada 95

Announcements and Assignment Updates

  1. Make sure your program is named Assign13 and is stored in a file called Assign13.adb
  2. Go to WRT 112 as the rest of this procedure can only be done from that lab. 
  3. Open an MSDOS command window by selecting the Start menu, typing cmd in the search bar, and clicking on the program cmd.exe .
  4. In the command window, change to your R: (or USB) drive letter by typing that letter followed by a colon.
  5. Use the CD command to make the directory containing your program the current working directory.  Enter the command DIR to see that your program is in that directory.
  6. Type the command p:\CS-1510-Ada\lab13\submit
  7. Watch the messages for possible errors.
  8. You will be asked whether or not you want to print out your results. You can see your results by checking the files created in your working directory.  Type in Yes to obtain a printout. Please conserve paper by only printing when you are satisfied with your work.
  9. Pick up your printout and staple the pages in the order printed.
  10. If you have problems, double check that you did all of the above steps correctly.
  11. If you still have problems, contact me.

Reading and Question Assignments

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