TITLE: Agile Methods in the Dining Room AUTHOR: Eugene Wallingford DATE: April 04, 2005 3:58 PM DESC: Whether you run or not, agile methods may help you outside of the computer lab. ----- BODY: I've written about using agile software principles in my running. Now Brian Marick applies the idea of Big Visible Charts as a motivational technique for losing a few pounds. The notion that practices from agile software development work outside of software should not surprise us too much. Agile practices emphasize individuals and interactions, doing things rather than talking about things, collaboration and communication, and openness to change. They reflect patterns of organization and interaction that are much bigger than the software world. (This reminds me of an idea that was hot a few years ago: design patterns occur in the real world, too.) Oh, and good luck, Brian! I know the feeling. Two years ago, I had broken the 190-pound barrier and, despite recreational jogging, felt soft and out of shape. By exercising more and eating less (okay, exercising a lot more and eating a lot less), I returned to the healthier and happier 160-pound range. I'll keep an eye on your big visible chart. -----