for Advisees

For All Students

Your time at the university is one of education in the broadest sense. You are preparing not for a job, not even for a career, but for a fulfilling life. Your academic course of study is a big part of this education, but it is only a part.

Consider your advisor to be a primary resource for this education, including your course of study. Get as much out of me as you can! I can provide suggestions and information that can help you find the right path for you through UNI.

For Freshman

Before we meet for the first time, please give some thought to the following questions:

For Other Undergrads

You should periodically ask yourself the same questions that I have freshmen ask before seeing me the first time. Over time, you may find that your answers change. That's natural, but will want to make adjustments in your plans to account for changes in your goals.

After your freshman year, I expect that you have a semester-by-semester 'schedule' for your program of study. This schedule will necessarily be tentative, since planned departmental offerings and your goals will change over time, but it will help us to ensure that you satisfy all degree requirements in a timely fashion. You should specifically plan for all courses in your major(s) and any minor(s) you plan. General education courses do not need to be listed course-by-course.

For students doing an undergraduate research project: be sure to plan ahead!

For Graduate Students

The controlling document for your graduate study is your program of study, which is filed with the Graduate College on Form GF-1 before you have completed twelve hours of study.

I expect your program of study to be a coherent set of courses, independent studies, and projects that help you to achieve your academic and professional goals. Ordinarily, if you are a full-time student, your program will not change over time in the program.

Be sure to plan ahead for your thesis or project!

Eugene Wallingford ==== ==== August 13, 1997