Programming Assignment 1


Data Structures

Fall Semester 1997

Due by 8:00 AM, Wednesday, September 17

Your Task

Write a main program that uses Roberge's String class (Laboratory 3). Your program should:

The code for String is available from the C++ Code page. Note that this class does not provide a means for reading or writing Strings directly, so you will have to read C++ strings and use the conversion constructor provided.

Once your program is done, generate a test plan for your program and carry it out. Make corrections to your program as indicated by testing.


Your source file must begin with a header block that includes the name of the file, your name as author, and the creation and modification history of the file. You may use this file as a template. You will also want to follow the standards set forth in the course style sheet.

Submit to your instructor, by the due time and date, the following:

Eugene Wallingford ==== ==== September 12, 1997