LOGO Turtle Graphics programming

Link to http://cns2.uni.edu/~jacobson/logo.html and lots more examples (LOGO code and the graphics the obedient TURTLE produced).

  1. Here is some code for making a dashed line consisting of n dashes where each dash or space between dashes is exactly len turtle steps.

    Here is some sample output and testing that was done to develop the program. (Friday, April 20th).

  2. The decorated Octagon pattern code and some beautifully symmetric sample output. (Friday, April 20th).

  3. Monday, April 9th example LOGO output along with the LOGO statements that produced it. To be handed out on Wednesday 04/10 in class.

  4. Handed out on Monday 04/09: LOGO turtle graphics commands and statement summary. Note: fd 200 is abbreviation for forward 200, rt 90 is abbreviation or shortcut for right 90.

  5. Snowflakes in honor of the Nutcracker Ballet's famous Land of Snow.

    Von Koch fractal snowflake program pattern was done using LOGO turtle graphics.

    Teaching the Turtle 5 new words: And here are shown some more of the LOGO statements too. Where the turtle was taught how to SNOW, to VONKOCH, to get ready for the NEXTVON snowflake, and two other new words.

  6. More LOGO links and examples: Includes MSWLogo link to free download and lots of tutorials, examples, etc. SIXTEEN TURTLES dancing, and SIXTEEN PORCUPINES waiting at the corners of two different OCTAGONS.