Basic Information

This course is the computer science department’s introductory course. The two primary goals are to introduce the general field of computer science and to introduce the concept of programming.

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Readings before class - ZyBook "participation" activities and readings are due before the class they are assigned.  Each section usually takes on average 10 minutes complete (although some might take a little more time and some might take a little less time).  "Challenge" activities are optional and may be used as examples in class. Chapter sections marked as optional will not be graded, but they will better help you understand Python.

Topics/Notes - Any class notes will be linked here. If you miss a class, screencasts are provided through eLearning. (Note - screencasts are only meant as note suppliments. You may miss things written on the board or in-class activities/bonus points.)

Assignments - Assignments should be submitted on the program submission system before they are due. The system will automatically run your program and report any errors. If you do not understand what the system means if it returns an error, it is your responsibility to ask. Assignments can be turned in up to two days late with a 10% penalty deducted per day.

Date Readings before class Topics/Notes Assignments
8/26 Get the online textbook:
Instructions here
Intro - Course Introductions No programming assignment this first week.
8/28 zyBook 1.1 - 1.2 Session One - Understanding the history and basics of computers  
8/29   Lab #1 in WRT 112 (check your assigned lab times)  
8/30 zyBook 1.3 Session Two - Numerical representation  
NO CLASS - Holiday  
9/4 zyBook 1.4 - 1.7 Session Three - Finish numerical representation, Lab #2 Programming Preperation  
9/5   Lab #2 in WRT 112  
zyBook 1.8 - 1.10 Session Four - Starting to write programs
(Notes and examples from zyBook)
HW #1 (due 9/11 at 11:59pm)