Links to class reviews, info on assignments, due dates, quiz dates will be here.
January/February (first five weeks).
    01/12   01/14    
    See Class #3   See Tuesday, Jan 19th, class #3.
Classes #1 and #2 were quick overviews.
    01/19   01/21    
  Martin Luther King holiday NetLOGO basics and review of classes #1 and #2: Class #3 review page with extensive notes, also contains links to the IN-Class group exercise done AFTER the notes and lecture were presented. It also contains a link to ASSIGNMENT ONE, which is not due until two weeks from today, on Ground Hog's day, which is Tuesday 02/02.
Even and ODD turtles example, with pretty patterns.
Email note about assignment #1.

StudioIT 1 ITT 134 lab on 2nd floor today!

Solution to Tuesday's Group Exercise and learning to use NetLogo for homework #1.
Airplanes are EVEN, fish shapes are ODD in this example. See ALL of the other standard shapes too, as you get your NetLogo in shape trying out this example.

Airplanes flying and Fish swimming. A "who" number hath every turtle. All whole numbers, when divided by 2, leave either no remainder because they are EVEN numbers, so the remainder is 0 (zero), or they leave a remainder of 1. Well, that seems odd, oh ya, all ODD numbers leave a remainder of 1 when you divide by 2.
    01/26   01/28    
  Where can I use NetLOGO on campus? Any CNS lab. Wright 112, Wright 110, Wright 339, ITT 335. Note: ITT 335 is just across the hall from ITT 328, our classroom.

StudioIT 1 ITT 134 lab on 2nd floor today!

Now note this noteworthy fact:

Focus of this lab session will be NetLogo and music.

Sounds good, I hope!


Review of following:
  1. the previous two ITT 134 lab classes,
  2. handouts and group exercises,
  3. readings from textbook,

Why? GOAL?

GOAL? To help you with any additional problems for the homework that is due in FIVE days.
How? By means of a ITT 328 4th floor lecture, presentation, group exercises, and group discussion.

    02/02   02/04    

AIRPLANES are EVEN and FISH are ODD: ifelse (remainder who 2 = 0) example, updated on 2's-day 02/02 in the afternoon.

See the THINGS TO TRY section.

StudioIT 1 ITT 134 lab on 2nd floor today!

Assignment #1 is due by 10 p.m.
Help note #1: emailEVENandODD1.txt

Help note #2: emailEVENandODD2.txt is an email note that answers a student question about the EVEN and the ODD turtles.
Fly Fishing (Airplanes and Fish = EVEN and ODD). 01/21/Thursday email note and class review. THREE types of turtles: Understanding EVEN and ODD by moving to 3 remainders.    
    02/09   02/11    
    Monte Carlo Simulations: PI, area of a circle, throwing darts - Microsoft Excel and NetLogo used to estimate the area of a circle by throwing darts.
Monte Carlo, darts, Meet the Parents email note.

StudioIT 1 ITT 134 lab on 2nd floor today!


March 30th: Monte Carlo ASSIGNMENT - due April 8th. Throwing Darts.

  1. VIP: Tuesday, March 9th links. Flash easing and springing demo and reading, AE Expressions free chapter PDF, etc.

  2. Note: emailDinoDay.txt about Gravity, folding paper and powers of 2, AE expressions and Adobe Flash.

  3. Powers of 2, folding paper, Adobe After Effects Expressions, Flash gravity and elastic springs, etc.

NetLogo assignment two: Predator and Prey, Lynx versus Hare.
Due date: 02/25/Thursday by 10 p.m.
Camtasia video tutorial will be posted soon, which may be helpful to watch.