CS 1010 01 Fall 2012
Thursday Dec 13th, 2012 3-4:50 p.m.

Final Exam Study Guide

  1. The Test One study guide is part of the final exam, as it is comprehensive.

  2. 23:46 - Flash Intros video tutorial: Cross Dissolves, ActionScript 3.0, SkipIntro_btn Button, Frames, Keyframes, Import JPG or GIF to Library or to Stage, Motion Tweens instead of Classic Tweens were used.

  3. 31:24 - Flash video tutorial part 2: Buttons and ActionScript 3.0 Flash video tutorial - creating buttons, UP, OVER, DOWN, HIT, navigateToURL, addEventListener, Twirling Text animations with Classic Tweens.

  4. Working with Sound and Video: notes and video tutorial web page is being prepared. NOT ON THE FINAL EXAM!
    (SKIP THIS. PERHAPS in Spring 2013 CS 1020 class we'll cover it in more depth). In other words, it will NOT be on this final exam! :-)

  5. The 3 D's of the dancing bees: Waggle Dancing Bees and Interlude dancing Panthers...

    Venkman, Stantz and Spengler: Ghostbusters VET SAT AUC, TVV SO YMDC and computer troubleshooting, problem solving, and Excel VBA or Flash ActionScript programming. Also applies to using application software to achieve a certain result.

       1.  Understand it. FOCUS ON WHAT.
                          Input (what is given, or what is data)
                          Output (what is the goal, what is the result,
                                  what is the correct output for the input?)
       2.  Plan it.  Develop the HOW.  
                     The HOW is the PROCESS or PROCESSING.
                     Develop the step by step recipe of HOW to get
                                              from the given (input data) 
                                                to the goal (results or output).
                     The HOW is an algorithm.
       3.   Code it.  (Or implement it on the computer).
            Translate the PLAN into code (Excel or VBA or 
                                          Flash or ActionScript or C++ or
                                          Maya or Photoshop or After Effects).
       4.   Debug and test it and get it working to produce results
            that are correct.
       Computers are INPUT   PROCESSING     OUTPUT
         Input ----------> Processing (CPU) -----------> Output
         What is                HOW it                   What are the
         the data               gets                     results for 
                                transformed              that given data?
         WHAT                      HOW                      WHAT
         Step 1                   Step 2                   Step 1
         Understand                PLAN                    UNDERSTAND
            A                                                  B
            I                       P                          O
                                  How to get from
                                  A to B or I to O
         IPO   Input Processing Output
               I     P          O