SPRING 2014 - 12 MWF - ITTC 134 - SPRING 2014  
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Spr 10 - Breakdown of the class by UNI MAJORs. Art: Studio Emphasis and Communications: Electronic Media and 8 other majors are represented!

Spring 2011: Last year's Spring 2011 class web page.

Useful Review for class #1 - Introduction to After Effects. (FALL 2010)

What the summer of 2009 810:088 Topics: VE, A, and MG class was like (when it included

30 day free trial: Link to Adobe After Effects CC (All Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) individual products and packages). DO NOT USE THIS UNTIL LATER IN THE SEMESTER IF YOU ARE definitely NOT going to BUY Adobe CC suite! I will inform you when the BEST TIME OF THE SEMESTER FOR using 30 day FREE TRIAL is! You can only use it ONCE per computer you own or have access to.

Note: If you have access to a 2nd computer (roommate, for example) or you own a 2nd computer - you can usually have 60 days for FREE for AE CC! 30 day trial ONCE per computer.