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CS 2880 12 is the new course number for 810:088:12

How to find and register for CS 2880 section 12

Note: Autodesk Maya is covered in a separate course now.

The class will focus on only two of the software packages: Adobe After Effects and Adobe Flash. Maya needs a totally separate class!

Note: FALL 2011 - 11 MWF - Lang 213 lab/classroom

Certificate in Computer Applications

This course also counts toward the Certificate in Computer Applications which is offered by the UNI Computer Science department. The certificate requires only 12 hours of credit.

The program requires 12 hours chosen from the following list of courses. It requires fewer courses and hours credit than any minor, but is generally an excellent addition to any resume, no matter what your major or career goals. The type of skills and concepts developed will make you a more effective user of computers and networks, whether at home or at work.
Core courses

810:021 Computer Skills and Concepts
810:022 Microcomputer Applications and Systems Integration
810:023 Microcomputer Systems
810:030 Visual Basic

  1. The CS 2880 12 Visual Effects, Animation and Motion Graphics class does NOT have any prerequisites. It assumes that you are a beginner with computer graphics and animation.

  2. The class is especially useful if you are a Communications: Electronic Media major, an Art: Studio Emphasis or Graphic Design major or an MIS major.

  3. 810:023 is offered once a year, every spring semester.
    810:022 is offered once a year, every fall semester.

  4. The class CS 1025 Computational Modeling and Simulation at 11 MWF is also taught in Lang 213. It satisfies Category 1C: Quantitative Techniques and Understanding. 44 hands-on classes: Flash, After Effects, Netlogo turtle graphics, Excel, and Vensim modeling.

  5. You also could take 030 and 023 or 022 and 023 or 088 and 023 in parallel.


Mark Jacobson at or

Or 307 ITT (ITT = ITTC = old East Gym) if you want to register for this class, but do not have the officially stated prerequisites.

273-7172 is my office phone number.