Visual BASIC .NET Programming
Summer 2006

  1. New link on Inserting a new FAVORITE (bookmark) into cboFavs and cboURLs, which is required for your last project. Also shows how to open up a separate window showing a URL in a 2nd WINDOW (Add User Form is the command you need to add the 2nd form to the Project). That feature is also required for your final version custom web browser.

    If you turn your program in on Monday or Tuesday instead of today (Friday), that will be okay. I turn grades early on Wednesday morning. Slide your program under the 117A office door between 6:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. Wright Hall is locked after 5 p.m. and on weekends during the break. BE SURE TO WRITE: FOR MARK JACOBSON on it!!! VIP... I share WRIGHT 117 with others and new people are moving in.


    1. Part One: Midterm Exam Study Guide is the Final Exam study guide Part One.

    2. Part Two: Final Exam Study Guide Item #17 solved, and note about Part Three (18, 19, 20 and 21).

    3. Part Three: 18 thru 22, in honor of Catch 22 and Yossarian, though I like the number 21 a great deal too! :-) Oops on the additional 22nd item.

  3. Archery or Darts target - hit the Bull's Eye of Target Visual Basic Graphics created:

    1. Try creating a BULL's EYE darts or archery target with Visual Basic: Bulls Eye and rectangle colored staircase sample output.

    2. Note about the final exam and about looking at the Bull's Eye Target and review question for the final requiring you to use a StreamReader, ReadLine and Split(";") and arrays.

    3. SOLUTION CODE for HOW TO BULL's Eye target, in case you missed class and did not get the handout (or in case you want to try out the code too - via COPY and PASTE).

  4. Here are the Codon translations to Amino Acids that are used to fill the 3D array.

  5. Week #7: Here is a followup/review of Wednesday's and a preview of Thursday's class:

    Menus, ComboBoxes and Files example. This will be useful for your Web Browser assignment.
    It reviews the Wednesday, July 19th class.
    Probably REQUIRES Microsoft's Internet Explorer - known not to work with the Firefox web browser.
    I'll have this as a handout on Thursday.

  6. WebBrowser control: Bookmarks and favorites and .Split(";") email note.

  7. Look over the 23 Birthdays Excel VBA macros concepts via this PowerPoint presentation. Note: Works with Netscape, but works best with Internet Explorer. Does not work with Firefox web browser.

    VBA = Visual Basic for Applications macro language

  8. Assignment: Converting from base ten to many, many, many other bases, or lots of ways to express one integer value.

    1. July 7th = 707: Friday 07/07 email note about assignment.

    2. Decimal is not the only way: Binary, Octal, Hexadecimal handout.

  9. Icons, such as barrels, matches, bananas, CD-ROMs, etc.

  10. FRIDAY 06/30/2006 TEST: Midterm Exam Study Guide. You received this as an email note on Thursday, June 29th.

  11. Here are some Neko cat racing example programs to look at and try out. Download them to your PC and run them.

  12. The Font Graphics program for printing on the form is far more complicated in Visual Basic .NET than it used to be for Visual Basic 6.0 and before.

  13. Here is the Visual Basic .NET Split and arrays and ListBox and function code from our Sabin 225 hands-on class.

  14. Assignment (paper and pencil): Due on THURSDAY, June 22nd. Multiple choice questions assume that you have read the waggle.txt and the ghost.txt documents.

    • Ghostbuster's movie metaphor thoughts

    • Waggle dancing bees, searching for solutions, planning, mobilizing past knowledge. Biction. To bee a successful problem solver/programmer, get up on the dance floor and dance.

  15. Friday, June 16th Midterm Test and Readings, suggested Neko exercises announcement (sent as email).

  16. Handout from Friday, June 16th CODE with Functions neko racing example.

  17. Neko images and other resources.

  18. Racing Cats: Nine Neko images are here.

  1. 810:030 for beginners: Fall 2004 Visual Basic .NET web page.

  2. Spring 2005: 810:151 Visual Basic .NET 5 week class, for students who had CS I, CS II, and CS III prerequisite (experienced programmers).

  3. Spring 2004: 810:151 Visual Basic .NET 5 week class, for students who had CS I, CS II, and CS III prerequisite (experienced programmers).

Visual Basic and Excel macros. We started this on Friday, December 3rd. Look at the 23 birthdays problem and/or the Racing Rectangles (before the racing cats (Nekos), there were Rectangles racing down an Excel spreadsheet.

            Note: Excel Visual Basic is much, much, much easier than Visual Basic .NET!

Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition is free and is the best way to learn Visual Basic .NET concepts.